Giving Tuesday 2023

The Consortium Giving Tuesday 2023

As we enter the season of gratitude, giving, sharing, and reflection, we honor and hold space for those who have come before us and did the foundational work of connecting with our communities in a meaningful way.
This year, we continued to show up in community when many doors were closed during the pandemic. We continued to fulfill our mission by sharing our own lived experience, and lean into what was possible. As a result, many community members shared that they felt a sense of belonging. Collective lived experience is what we, at the Consortium, carry as our strength. When we are down, we lift each other up, and embrace our authentic selves, whatever that looks like. We collectively work on creating conditions for us all to thrive: finding our voices, exercising choice in our pathway of healing, and connecting with others. Our commitment to address systems of oppression and work toward undoing the harms they have caused has helped many of us, as a community, to create conditions for change. This empowerment encourages us to realize our dreams and feel a sense of belonging.
The End-of-the-Year Giving season is an important time to be a part of our community through your financial contributions, so that we can continue this crucial work.

We invite you to tap into the values you hold dear and channel them into supporting our communities.
You too can make a difference!

Please consider donating $10, $25, $50 or $100 to help support our mission and sustain our services.