Giving Tuesday 2023 - Support Network

The Support Network

At the Support Network, we work together with parents, caregivers and providers to make a difference in children’s and families lives every day. Support this Giving Tuesday by making a donation to our work!

The Support Network has been providing individual and group support as well as training for families/caregivers of children with mental health challenges for over 27 years. Through the years we have witnessed many changes in the world of children’s mental health, but no matter what, our commitment to amplifying the family voice and ensuring that families have access to quality support does not waiver. We believe that by empowering families to be a strong voice for their children we can together achieve the best possible outcomes. Through the sharing of our own lived experience as well as the experiences of families we support, we strive to enlighten our local, state and national authorities about the difficulties’ families encounter while working to access the best possible care for their children.

While the needs of our children continue to grow, The Support Network has supported over 200 new families in 2023. This is quite an accomplishment for a program with only 3.25 Family Support Specialists!

As you consider your Giving Tuesday and end of the year charitable contributions, we would like to remind you that through your donation, you can help provide the best support for families in our communities to ensure they are able to self-advocate and achieve the best possible outcomes for their children. Your donation also supports The Pauline Curry Scholarship fund, trainings and fun activities for families.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season,

The Support Network